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Just an F-Blog #76. Welcome Back.

Welcome Back. Okay, I can say Welcome to Marijana, because she's been "absent" for a while now. Busy life, I guess. But she dropped by for a little get-together for Iggy's birthday (which was on 1/1). And I can say Welcome back, Winter. Yes, snow is here again and all is pretty.

And I am tired. Good night!

Lovely - Ricky, Iggy, Marijana, Berti, Matjaž

Berti and his selection of glasses
Berti's selection of glasses

Evening walk
Evening walk

The two of us
You and I

Home, sweet home
Home, sweet home




Falling, gently falling
Falling, gently falling


Old Gold.

It was just one of those nights. I was clicking through files on my computer and found a long-forgotten folder with scans of some really old pictures. It was family stuff mostly, kids and stuff, but there were also some shots of my parents from pre-me area and also some from pre-Robert time. My parents married in 1962, mom was 18 and father was 20 then. Berti appeared in 1966 and I was there in 1970. While looking at those pictures, I was shocked how much style they managed to pull off while in their early 20's. I guess people were just more... mature and consistent back then if I compare them to me in my early 20's, let alone comparing them to kids today.

And they were so beautiful. And, of course, looking at those pics from half a century or so ago is painful. Time passes by.

Old Gold #5

Old Gold Cut.Collapse )


My goodness, this is a funny Winter we're experiencing. No snow, no cold, no... Winter. Instead we got a nice, sunny, really warm day today. And instead of some normal winter stuff, like skiing or at least shovelling or trembling we rode our bicycles a bit. Berti, Iggy and me. Pleasant, pleasant, pleasant. More, please. :)

A few pics here, the rest is on flickr.

Instead of skiing, I guess
Well, hello again!


Ljubljana a few kilometres away.

Berti and some long gone corn
Berti and some long gone corn.

3, 2, 1
3, 2, 1.

Posing #2
Corny posing.

Iggy in a wonderful setting
Iggy in a wonderful setting.

Going down, And home
And down and home we go.


So, as "promised"... new year has started and I guess that I return to LJ a bit. Yes, we left 2012 behind and entered in 2013. And what an entry it was... Forget frost and coldness and winter jackets and boots. Enter sun, short sleeves, snickers, sunglasses. And we weren't in Australia, darned. It's just the weather that seems to have gone completely loony this winter. Okay, we weren't in gloomy Central European, depressing, foggy Ljubljana, but about 600 km down the road shouldn't really make such a difference. Yet it did. Lovely Italian coast in Liguria (read Genova and neighbouring cities) offered a welcome refuge from life for a few wonderful days. Ricky is, of course, a perfect host as he is a perfect friend and jumping in 2013 was a real pleasure. Lobsters, trips, prosecco, endless fun hours of The Settlers of Catan included. And, Iggy has birthday on 1st January, so we just doubled good times.

So, let's do th capodanno outine once again, this time in pictures. I am giving you a little selection, a selection of some highlights with focus on people, much igger set, full of nature and such, is available on flickr, of course.


Piani d'Invrea
Iggy in Piani d'Invrea.

Piani d'Invrea
Berti, Ricky and Iggy in Piani d'Invrea.

Trying out a "model look"...
Trying out a "model look".

New underwater cam
Trying out a new underwater camera.

Porto Venere
Ricky in Porto Venere.

Porto Venere
Iggy and Berti in La Grotta di Byron in Porto Venere.

Porto Venere
R&B in Porto Venere.

Porto Venere
Flattering afternoon sun; Porto Venere.

Genova, Piazza de Ferrari
Slovenians taking over Piazza de Ferrari in Genova.

Happy new year and Happy Birthday! :)

Thanks, Ricky! :)))))


Well, it just didn't happen, I guess.

I mean the world just didn't end. Not that I expected it to happen. LOL Anyway, I am really happy to see 2012 slowly fading away. When I look at it, it really wasn't one of those good years. Things have been piling up and I had tough times to clean them all in due time and in in a due manner. But I guess I did it and I am ready to say: Goodbye, 2012! And I am keeping all my fingers crossed that 2013 turns out like a better one.

A silly moment. Office party, it was on the day when the world should finally go down the drain and I proclaimed myself as The King of The End of The World. And I made myself a crown. See what a few staples can do?


So, if I don't see you and LJ in the next few days, have a wonderful 2013!!!

I am ready.

A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.
- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

So, I guess, 21st can come any time now. :)

I am ready.

Guns and Gods.

I rarely make such comments, but...

America, with Guns and Gods hand in hand, where the fuck are you going?

Crazy. For me, as a pacifistic and totally atheistic person the combination seems unbearable. And totally out of my system. Luckily.

Once in a lifetime.

No comment.


Blimey, and it's only Saturday!

Yes, it keeps on rolling, this fun weekend. Okay, tomorrow is Sunday and I think I will spend most of the days translating, but it's all good. We go our first huge load of snow last night. I think Ljubljana has about 20 cm of fresh white cover and temperatures are going to drop as low as -10C in the next few mornings. But... as I had said before... it's all good. Yes, it's only Saturday and this weekend seems like a long, fun one already.

I will post only a few pictures, whole set is already on flick'r.

Friday evening saw another lovely get-together. Iggy's brother Tomaž and his his wife Metka decided it's time for The Rehearsal, namely some light food, more wine and lot more music. 10 people, two guitars, one bass and whole lot of good time. I was surprised how... coherent... we were given that we did it for the first time. I am sure I will take some videos next time The Rehearsal happens. I am sure it will.

The Rehearsal
Mr. Bassman - Aleš

The Rehearsal
Matjaž and Janja.

The Rehearsal
Tomaž and Robi.

Saturday. Well, to be honest. I slept through most of the afternoon, fighting with a tiny cold and whatnots. Iggy - his choir having won the regional competition - was singing in Ljubljana. Yes, yes, yes, they were good. And this time I wasn't crying all the darned time, because I wanted to make a video of their performance. Have I already mentioned how much I really hate taking pics and videos with phone, especially if the cam is not really competent like iPhone's? Well, I did it anyway. Shaky evidence is here. Mind you, video is 10+ minutes long.

The Concert

The Concert
Post... KPZ Mysterium.

And then it was time for some vin chaud in the city centre, full of people, festive mood and coldness. And now it's bed time. Goodnight! :)

The Lights

The Lights

The Lights
Well, as far as my memory wants to browse through this depressing and heavy year, this has probably been of the most fun weekends. Most certainly so. Well, our annual-almost-christmas, read Wine Festival, definitely helped a lot. Andrea arrived from Italy on time, Marijana skipped this year's iteration, because she was busy, Ricky had afternoon meeting in Italy (and he doesn't care much about wine anyway), so this year it was Iggy, Berti, Matjaž and Andrea (and me, of course) and two other friends, lovely couple Nina and Dejan, joined us.
So Friday... We decided to be trendy this year, so - at least in the beginning - we tried to taste orange wines. I have to say it's quite an interesting experience to taste white/orange wine with intensity and taste of a typical red barique. Definitely something I will be coming back to. And then, when the night was becoming more and more blurry, I am sure we definitely tried a lot of other stuff. So when we came home (where Ricky waited for us with dinner), the evening just... exploded in music, food and more wine. And we rediscovered Wii.
Saturday... Ricky brought his a few weeks' old plan to life. He wanted to make tortellini. And he made them, oh how he made them. We (Andrea, Iggy and me) helped him and together we made a really great lunch, a perfect post-hangover soup with tortellini for the wine festival group. Needless to say, the group was a lot more quite the next day. LOL
And then a victorious Saturday evening. The choir Iggy is singing in took a part in choral competition and nailed it biggest time. And I was crying all the time, pussy me. But they were doing some Gershwin which I adore and they were bloody good and I was bloody happy and proud. So, yes, a total victory.
And today... good food, easy time, also some sunshine and some Wii and... it was a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Away from life.

So, here you have a few pictures from, I could say, one of 2012 highlights and the rest is, of course, in a flickr set.

See? Orange Andrea and me
Orange Andrea and me.

Aftermath #1
Wine festival aftermath #1: Somebody was cooking, while others were singing.

Aftermath #4
Wine festival aftermath #2: Nina.

Aftermath #5
Wine festival aftermath #3: Dejan and Andrea.

Aftermath #10
Wine festival aftermath #4: Fly, Berti, fly.

Italian Art
Tortellini in the making.

Italian Art
Isn't it nice to have Italian friends?

The Day After
Matjaž in the sun.

Iggy wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! :)))