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Seven images of my evening.

It was a post-Weekend Veronese afternoon/evening/night/get together, with picture-watching and all. While Igor is away in Macedonia singing, Matjaž prepared a nice Saturday for my friend Marijana, my brother Robert and me. Good time was had, a lot of laughing and all. And the most imporant things: we already made plans for this season's winter vacation. It's going to be Les Menuires again, because we simply love it there.

And I love my friends.

And the rest of the story is just images. As usual.

A self-timer thing: Matjaž, TC, Marijana Robert.

(L) Something rose and sparkling and (R) preparing goodies.

(L) Om nom nom nom (R) No pictures, please!

(L) Pictures, please! (R) And as the evening progressed, we opted for the ultimate kitsch, The Sound Of Music. Ok, we only watched the songs, but Robert and Marijana still looked just thrilled. LOL



Aug. 28th, 2008 01:39 pm (UTC)

it's worth the wait. :)