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Slovenian weekend

So, we didn't wait long. A week after our frolicking in the Dolomites, Paolo and Enrico came to Ljubljana and we wandered around Slovenia a bit. jawnbc might probably recognise some of the pictures posted here. I know, I know it sounds corny, but I REALLY like the Gorenjska region of Slovenia; Gorenjska being the mountainous part on the north-west of the country. So the first day consisted of visiting Savica waterfall, lakes Bohinj and Bled and really lovely little gorge: Blejski Vintgar. Had a nice lunch sometimes inbetween, had a nice sweet in the evening and we were good to go for another trip on Sunday.

We decided to go to the south-west part of the inland, fairly known for its Carst stuff - you know, holes in the ground, caves, odd lakes and stuff. Rakov Skocjan is the best place to see all of that and we ended the day with visiting a really odd lake we have here in Slovenia - Cerknica lake; 10x5 km thing thad vanishes every summer and "returns" every autumn.

The easier way to get some more information about all that is to follow those links:

The vanishing lake

So, this was more or less it and I want to start this post with a clear photo-winner of the weekend.

Some bits and pieces from Slovenian weekend with Enrico and Paolo.

Paolo waiting to hit the path to the waterfall. 

Butt shot. 

...of this. 

Enrico and Igor being lazy. 

Lake Bohinj. 

Water was unusually warm. 

Another nice shot. 

Look away. 

Look this way. 

Lake Bohinj. 

A portrait. 

Crotch shot. 

Blejski Vintgar - most visited Slovenian gorge.

Silky water. 


A decent shot. 

Just water. 


More silk. 

Lake Bled. 

Rakov Skocjan - Carst region; The big natural bridge.

Obviously no water in the river Rak.


More holes in the sky. 

Bridge, yet again.

Guess it was happy after we left. :) 

The vanishing /and vanished/ lake Cerknica.

I want to do it again sometimes soon.



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Aug. 8th, 2007 12:03 am (UTC)
No fair! They saw more than me!

Aug. 8th, 2007 05:31 am (UTC)
They did whole lot more walking than we did (Princess likes easy walks...) AND::::: they actually spent two full days in Ljubljana. So? When do you give it your next try? :)
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