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Spring, Pt. Deux

 There's much more to spring in Ljubljana than what my previous post showed. It was a really beautiful day today, so I just sneaked ouf of the office an hour earlier to make a short stroll through the old city centre, which happens to be my favoruite part of Ljubljana. And, luckily, I only work 5 minutes of walk away from the very heart of my city. So, here's a bit more spring in Ljubljana, taken just before I went to the hairdresser to renew my ghetto (as I call it) lizard (as Igor calls it) look... Oh well. It happens. :)

The view over river Ljubljanica from The Three Bridges

Down by the river...

Willow, weep for me...

Ljubljanica from The Shoemakers' Bridge

The Castle

And just some spring life.


Mar. 14th, 2008 12:04 am (UTC)
Come here again......

I would like to meet you!