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Weekends of May.

Radenci - Coming or Going?Radenci - growing upRadenci - LushRadenci - ... your soul to keep.Radenci - All is aliveRadenci - Lush at close
Radenci - DivineRadenci - Little MoonRadenci - Take meBarje - BertiBarje - Iggy and BertiBarje - Iggy downstairs
Barje - MeBarje - I have landed!!!Barje - Home in the distanceBarje - Just beautifulBarje - Up highBarje - Peaceful
Barje - Kingdom of GreenBarje - IggyBarje - Later onB'day - GoodiesB'day - ContemplatingB'day - Goodies

Weekends of May, a set on Flickr.

Yes, weekends of May. One spent on a nice bike ride in Barje region (moorlands just outside Ljubljana), the other one in Radenci in North-East of Slovenia at Iggy's parents and the third.... oh well. I am not 42 anymore, I will say just that! :)


May. 30th, 2013 01:45 am (UTC)
And I'm not 42 anymore, either, sweetie :) But you're still prettier.