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Just an F-Blog #64. Up there...

A 45 minute drive, a 10 minute cable car lift and a 20 minute chair lift... journey and you're up there. The place is Velika planina, which means Big mountain in Slovene. Well, it's not really big (high) actually, but it's a really nice place for a tiny escape and it's really known for shepherds and cows and alike, well at least in Summer. Iggy organised a belated birthday weekend for the family. And since I wasn't mentally prepared for three days in a rather small mountain hut with 8 more or less adults, a baby and a dog, I decided I will only go to Velika planina  on Saturday. A good decision. LOL

So, here are a few shots from today, whole set is flickr'd.

Cottage #2

Looking up
Going up.


Cottage #1
The cottage.

The figther
The fighter.

Typical wooden roof "tiles".

Looking out
Looking out.

Looking down
Time to go home.



Mar. 19th, 2012 11:24 pm (UTC)
Yes, these cottages look great. And it's the design that had been "polished" for centuries. Mountain is full of those cottages. The ones which are not converted in little pensions, are still used by shepherds.