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Friday AT LAST!!!

Yes, Friday at last. Feels so good to know that I get to be lazy and do absolutely nothing important and relevant and of any meaning the whole weekend. We're off to Piran later in the afternoon and - among other things - I am happy to see ***as claimed by her "father"*** the most beautiful Labrador retriever in the world: Luna (Moon). Here's an older picture of her...


Will let you know how it went........ just give me the rest of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ok? :) And a bit about yesterday. Wasn't really one of those best days, but I managed to survive. I even escaped and visited my colleagues who were working in the parliament (which is an extremely boring thing to do anyway), so I guess I was down a bit. And the weather was heavy, pre-stormy and here's a look at parliament's inner court.

Don't I love my tiny mobile phone...

And then a nap, some brutal badminton in the evening, at least one beer too much and I snored my way well into Friday and here I am now and that's where I take off. :) Have a nice weekend, y'all!