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(Kind of an) F-Blog #52. Wednesday Off.

Yes, I took a day off. I just had to. The last avalanche of work started on Thursday and it went on through the weeked till yesterday. So, yes, I decided to be really lazy and relaxed and all. And let me take you through my day. Well, some of it.

We've had some really wild weather lately. Rain, storms, wind and all... Oddly enough and weather forecast aside... it was bright on the village today, yet the sky was full of some drama...

Morning started with good news. Angry Birds Rio got a new level. Carnival Upheaval. Of course I had to try it. And this is my score...

And I ended on a really good position in general leaderboard.

All hail me!!!!! :)

See? More drama... also with a rainbow.

And then we got a visit. Tina, Uroš and lil babygirl Taja. In sun.

You know, tiny kids and silly adults with cameras. "Oh, this is the first time she is going to take the lift. Picture, please." :)

This babygirl is safe. Friendship sealed...

And, now, to round up the day... some more, slightly enhanced drama.



Jun. 12th, 2011 10:43 pm (UTC)
Most definitely. :)