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His Virginity blown to pieces

Well.......... I still feel like I need to add some words and images about me finally meeting Dr E. So, after years and years of chatting with


he once just came up with a few simple sentences: "I will be Dublin sometimes in July. I could come and visit you in Ljubljana. Is that okay?" The answer could be nothing else but a simple "Yes". And so it happened. The first moments at the airport told me he is an OKAY person, a VERY okay person actually and from there on things just ran smoothly. (Even with all that hair :)) As I had said before, my words would only poorly mimick his, so I will add some pictures (first) and then (maybe) add a few more words, too.

First steps in Ljubljana (he said, I hate being on pictures, take a shot of my bum instead. So I did.)

Up on the castle, looking mighty schick.

Evening sky.

Just a fountain.

And then the second day arrived. It was a day full of talking, full of driving, full of nature and (as far as John and Igor are concerned) probably a bit too full with music. But I just can't help it. There were so many things we wanted to share with John, so much we wanted him to experience, we probably exhausted him totally. Well...... he's got only himself to blame. He cut a day off my schedule, so he had to suffer a bit, too. I would've loved to enjoy his company for a day more. Right? :)

So.... day #2.... lakes, waterfalls, mountains, odd food, seaside, Ljubljana, exhaustion...

Another bum shot near Slavica waterfall.

No comment.


And that's on a "Sharp..." picture. Well, probably.

Red makes me look slim, he said. Oh, I said.

Yet another picture?

No more!!!

A hotpot view.

Natural colour of river Soča.


And one last sweet shot from Piran...........

So, that's about it.


Ti si moj H3O+
točno vem, kako nastaneš;
in če te ližem in če te ranim,
če te razsekam na kose, zmeraj vstaneš.

Gal in Galeristi - H3O+
( http://www.galingaleristi.com/mp3/GinG-h3oplus.mp3 )


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Jul. 11th, 2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
Jul. 11th, 2007 03:56 pm (UTC)
:) indeed
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