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In front of my eyes and inside my head

It really sucks to come back to work after two weeks. Ok, ok, I had asked one of my colleagues (or "slaves" as I call them in joke) to have stepped in for me, but I had piles and piles of work waiting for me nevertheless. Emails, meetings, more meetings, planning the covering of darned presidency to the EU, dealing with phone bills for 25 people, dealing with some reports that haven't been broadcast the way they should be, dealing with some texts that have been written in an odd manner, dealing with some information that public radio station should have first... Stuff like that, you name it. At times it felt like a fucking pinball cha cha. :) But it's close to five in the afternoon now and I plan to leave my office in half an hour. And trust me, looking outside my window didn't really help. This is the exact image of the sky over Ljubljana for the past almost four weeks.

Nicely depressing, isn't it? :) But luckily, I only have to think a few days back, to "Dolomiti time of the year" and I feel better already. So a tiny shift of my eyes from the window to my monitor should help. It should. Cause it always doesn't. Sometimes it fails. Big time. Parlously. But today it worked a couple of times. This is how it looks.

So... 20 more minutes and I off I am to my italian lessons. I am doing corso di italiano per principianti, so it's all still rather basic, but today we're supposed to move from presente to passato, so my sentences will slowly start to make more sense. And why Italian, do you ask? (or not?)

Well, Italian, because I like...


and I like...


and I like...


and I like...


So, do you understand now? Ok, ok, all of the... ahhhh objects above... are not purely Italian, but you get the picture, don't you? :))))))

So, what about you and your relationship with Italy?


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Jan. 8th, 2008 09:21 pm (UTC)
AAAAAAAA!!! Io amo l'Italia, per dirla brevemente, sono osseso dal'italiano e tutto cio che e connesso con la dolce vita. Non so perche, forse perche sono nato pochi metri dal'Italia, forse perche ho vissuto vicinissimo al'Italia tutta la mia gioventu. Perche sono cresciuto con i cartoni animati Italiani (Gioapponesi ma sincronizzati in Italiano). Forse perche nelle mie vene c'e anche del sangue Italiano.
Venezia, Firenze, Roma, Sicilia ... ahhh!! La cucina Italiana ... ohhh! So fare un tiramisu, da leccarsi i baffi! Uomini Italiani. Mori, dalla pelle scura, con occhi neri ... mi viene da svenire! San Remo ... musica Italiana ... non ho parole ... That's my relationship con l'Italia.
Saluti e baci! Mitja
Jan. 9th, 2008 06:45 am (UTC)
A good one! I approve! :)
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