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...because my days are on a slightly wilder side, hence a crappy mobile picture.

Oh, and this, yesterday when Iggy and I tried to sort out some banking business and all the counsellors alreaday left. A sweet, kind blonde lady in neckbreaking golden stilettos tried to helped us a but. She gave us two business cards.
"Oh, I'll give you two contacts. First one is lady and the other one is (...a short pause with a radiant little smile...) gentleman. And then you can decide."
I was about to burst in laughter and utter one of those closeted gay Derek (from The Catherine Tate Show) sentences like "I beg pardon? What on Earth are you insinuating?"  :))))))))))))))

Totally made my day.

Posted by ShoZu



Nov. 5th, 2009 11:06 pm (UTC)
I'll say.