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Story is a 30-day project - Part Nine.

The Ninth day of our story. It is slowly growing and I hope it's not losing its thread. Got any specific ideas, suggestion, wishes where it might lead? Stuff we should add? Romance, sex, cruelty, just some drama? The direction we should take? You know, commenting, even if it doesn't bring new chapters, is always welcome. Oh, one more thing? Can you download the story from the link I am adding every day? If not, I can email it to you. Without any more useless words (and I am sleepy), HERE is the 9th part of The Day As It Was. We just entered mind-reading, so be careful. Just FYI. :)



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Oct. 8th, 2009 04:15 am (UTC)
I blushed.

Hard and red. I blushed! I could feel my cheeks absolutely burning. Actually, not just my cheeks; I could feel the heat radiating right through my shirt.

And she laughed! "Oh my! I guess that comment hit a nerve."
"No fair reading my mind!"
"Michael, please! Anyone could see your embarassment just now! Your face was a plain as a neon sign!"

With that I grew even redder.

"We have gifts that set us apart, but we're human with human emotions. Those emotions can get us into some terrible trouble if we don't control them. Learning to control will help you focus your gift."

I needed to back away from my angst, to let both it and my colour ebb. "I need to a few minutes to process that. Please, I need to just be able to ask you some questions about our family. I need to know who we are. For Christ's sake, you're my aunt, you saved my life and I still don't even know your name!"

I heard her voice again, this time in my mind. "It's Margaret. Your mother called me Meg."

"Aunt Margaret, I.." She stopped me. "No. Michael, you should ask, but in silence. It's time you practice listening with your inner ear, and seeing with your inner eye. Talk with me, ask me. And no, you needn't call me Aunt Margaret. Your mother kept us hidden from you. Meg will be fine."

"Alright. Meg. What's an inner eye?" She sighed, this time audibly, then I heard her within again. "Your mother thought she was protecting you. She thought by not exposing you to the remainder of the family your gift would never emerge. I suppose she hoped you might be like Helen or Joan."
"How so?"
"Helen apparently never received the gift, nor have any of her children. Joan will turn 40 in a few months and she too has yet to manifest. It might happen, although 40 would be rather late."
"And her children?"
She smiled. "There aren't any, Michael. She isn't the marrying kind."

There was a flash, internal, and I saw Joan, standing at an easel, painting. A nude woman posed, reclining on a chaise before her. The image then vanished as quickly as it appeared.

"That's good! That was a blink of the inner eye. Oh and the model is her partner of the last 13 years."

I was startled. I now understood the inner eye. Moreover, apparently more than the gift runs in the family.

"Your mother came into the gift late. She was nearly 30 when it happened, and although she knew what it was, it was not easy for her. Both your uncle Jack and I manifested early, and I think...um no, I know she thought it had passed her, like it passed Helen. Frankly, she was glad for that. She wanted a normal life, with some privacy from her family and even from your father."

My father. I had never heard him mentioned before. Like her parents, mom refused to talk about him. She said they divorced not long after I was born. I flushed again.

Oct. 8th, 2009 04:16 am (UTC)
"Tell me about him," I thought. "Who is he?"
"No Michael, it's who was he. He's gone."
"What happened to him?"

This time I saw her eyes well a bit, a tear just at the edge of spilling off of her eye, and then it was gone.

"Your father was a distant cousin, on my father's side of the family. What we didn't know was he too had the gift. Not strong, but there. He had been sent by the intruders, to monitor your mother and to do her in, if she manifested. They hadn't realized he would fall in love with her."
"How could you not have known he had the gift?"
"Michael, we hadn't realized there were intruders yet. We knew there eventually would be, but our inner sight doesn't always tell us where to look, or how far ahead."
"Yes, Michael, ahead."
"That's harder to explain, but you did that a few minutes ago."
"Excuse me?"
"Your aunt Joan is still at work. She doesn't paint for a living; she's a nurse. What you saw isn't going to happen until this evening."
I started to dwell on that, but then there were more pressing questions. "I mean, if my father was a cousin, why wouldn't you have looked to see if he had the gift?"
"Ah, well then. Two things for you to know. Your grandfather wasn't a Listener; it was your grandmother and her family. Also we cannot sense someone before the gift manifests. Had we been scientists perhaps we could have been testing for the peptide, but we weren't. We've always been too busy trying to learn how to control and use it for the greater good, and to protect ourselves from those who fear us.
"But if we work for the greater good, why should we be afraid."

She shook her head sadly, and then she spoke aloud.
"Michael, how well do you know history?" I nodded.
"There was an era where people like us were called witches. Have you read about the Salem Witch Trials?"
Again I nodded. "Rebecca Nurse, Mary Eastly and Sarah Cloyce were sisters who were accused and convicted of witchcraft. Rebecca and Mary were hung for it."

I shook my head and understood.

Then once again, I was corrected. I heard Meg, clearly and now angrily in my mind. "Rebecca and her sisters were Townes, Michael. That was your grandmother's maiden name. We're Townes. They were relatives of ours."
Oct. 8th, 2009 09:27 pm (UTC)
Oct. 8th, 2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
Oct. 10th, 2009 08:40 am (UTC)
Well, you do!:)
Oct. 10th, 2009 08:40 am (UTC)
Amazing....... :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

posted soon.
Oct. 8th, 2009 09:27 pm (UTC)
Our conversation was interrupted when the phone rang. Meg Picked up the call..
"Yes Jack,... ...No, it's okay. I'm telling him about the rest of us".. I somehow started hearing the voice of uncle Jack in my head. "How's he taking it." she looked me straight in the eye and smiled:"He's getting to know his family..." I smiled back "..and I think he's interested in knowing more." I suddenly had a flash of people in a park, I was standing right in front of a big fountain. An old man in a dark blue suite walking his way around it, laughing while talking on his cell phone, at the very same moment I could hear the voice of uncle Jack laughing to what Meg just said. This must be uncle Jack, I thought to myself. I had a dorky smile on my face and looked at Meg, she just gave me a big smile and nodded her head."Seems like it's about time for you to meet each other". His voice replied in confirmation" Yes, it sure is about time."

Oct. 10th, 2009 08:40 am (UTC)
thanks.... putting it together now. :)
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