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Do me!

I  was tagged by cuboz for the iPod meme - THIS time, to list 10 tunes that start with a letter. I have been given the letter "L". If you want to play, send me a comment - but remember, no 2 songs can share the same word, nor can they be by the same artist... :-)

1. La Charanga Habanera - Lola, Lola
2. Laibach - Opus Dei
3. Lara B - Dan neskoncnih sanj
4. Larry Clinton - Ghost Of A Chance
5. Latin Quarter - Radio Africa
6. Laura Pausini - Scrivimi
7. Laurent Garnier - Forgotten Thoughts
8. Lauryn Hill - Can't Take My Eyey Off You
9. Living Colour - Time's Up
10. Lords Of Acid - The Crab Louse