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Crossover Tops'n'Flops. And some Boobs.

Ok, first part of the post is for some of the car freaks. Two cars that attracted my attention in the past few weeks. The first one, definitely in Tops class, is Škoda Yeti, neat little industrial so called SUV. Its design is telling exactly what it should for this class of cars. On the other side, BMW 5 GT, really doesn't know what its message. A mixture of coupe, hatchback, van, limousine, trailer? Definitely the Flop of the car season 2009/2010. No doubt it will sell well though. Money and Chic very often don't go together well.

And for not that tin can challenged part of my flist. French and Saunders. I am almost certains I've posted this before, but still....

I think I need new spectacles... *wink*


Jun. 18th, 2009 12:09 am (UTC)
Yes, I can't really know what is BMW design team trying to tell. I mean, BMW is a premiur brand, but still not that premium that they could afford avant-garde design. Which it isn't.