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I got my life back!!!

Yes, I got my life back! The craziness of the past few weeks has finally ended. Elections' time is over and I am slowly starting to get my life back. Or at least am able to get back to my more or less usual daily routine. It has really been mad and tiring and hectic and nervous and all. but I think I can say it's over and that we all - I mean people here at my radio station - did a very good job and that more or less all you need to know. Ok, maybe just this tiny fact that there is still some hope for politics and Slovenia, because the leftist candidate for president of the state got nearly 69% of the vote, the miserable rest went to the rightist one. :) But I really had to spend long days at work and most of my evenings looked like this - a view from my office. Does it look like prison?

But I managed to get some really, really good life in the meantime. Last days of October and first days of November saw Igor and me in the southern France, around Marseille to be exact, actually in Ensues la Redonne, to be very precise. We went to visit André and Olivier. Remember them? I will post impressions and pictures later on, when I drag my arse home (yes, yes, this is being posted while I am in my office, so sue me....... :)), I will just add some tiny little highlights here (taken with my mobile phone a.k.a. LT a.k.a. Love Toy; André also has one, so he KNOWS it) and offer much more later. So, here are the higlights:

L'ascenseur des cornichons* - "Ve Frensh are so intelligent, ve invetned ze cornichon lift," said Olivier - to Igor's greatest amazement.

* ascenceur à cornichons - I stand corrected by Dr. R :)

French keyboard - imagine writing a text in Slovene on this. Especially if you think you're comfortable with touch typing.

A lovely little beach - across the bay from Marseille. I was swiming. And it was 1 November.

And the view above that lovely little beach. "I am ready to go back", I read somewhere.

So, this is just something to start with. Of course: André and Olivier...... HUGE thanks! And: Enrico and Paolo - it was really good to stop in Treviso on our long journey back to Ljubljana.
And one more: I plan to spend much more time posting on livejournal and especially reading what all of you people have been doing my lost life period. Soon! Hugs and kisses and all!!!



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Nov. 13th, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
blog is alive again :-)
Thanks for the nice things you wrote about your stay in France... and it's "ascenceur à cornichons", ze véry intelligente invenshun of ze french !!!
hugs to two great guys ! :-)
Nov. 17th, 2007 06:15 am (UTC)
Welcome back!

We've missed you.... And I'm looking forward to more pictures too - especially of YOU! I think I've forgotten what you look like!

Nov. 18th, 2007 03:55 pm (UTC)
More pictures will appear on here soon. And even some of me LOL

You be good, Dominic!

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