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Sunday is Flea Market Day in the old city centre here. So I went there and got shocked by all the crowd. And 27C (80F) day. And all the old things. And stuff. :)

They're selling Jesus ideologies again.

Take me with you...

Ok, Ok, I GIVE UP! :)

Apparently, there used to be a DisneyWorld in Slovenia years ago.

Sorry, we're closed on Sundays.

No comment...

Which way to follow?

Stop this bus...

No poles to grab hold...

For Temo estudioso - Yes, I was wearing my Campers today. :)




May. 11th, 2009 04:09 pm (UTC)
Public traffic system is buses only, because Ljubljana is a small city - 350k people. Trains connect LJ and other cities and you will get pics. Oh, those trains that connect cities here, probably take less time than what you have to do within city. LOL