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My last few days...

...were a complete and total and utter chaos and horror. Just work-wise, don't get me wrong. It's election Sunday tomorrow - well, it actually started 1 hour and 15 minutes ago - and I am up to my ears in work. And it's not all just fun work. You know, dealing with seven rather boring candidates for our new president isn't really the highlight of my "things-to-do-at-work" list. But, hey, it's my job. And so I suffer (almost) silently. But there are some nice moments that happened in the past week or so.

For one: autumn is really starting to kick in. We've already had some morning frost and it all caused the trees to look even nicer. Rich, heavy, intense autumn colours... I fancy them. It can look like this:

And then more work and then sunny sunday (Oct 14th). We escaped to the coast and I was still brave enough to jump in the sea for a short swim. For all of those who are familiar with C - the sea had 19-20 C and the air some 17 C, so it was actually pleasant in the water. And for all those who are sort of mathematically challenged, here's a simple formula:

F = C*1.4 + 32

So you can actually know what I am talking about. :))) And Igor looked like this on that day. He is so cute. :)

It was a really pleasant day. And then the working week just flushed me up and down the toilet again. But I survived. Well, just one more day to go and some peace will return to my life. I think. Oh, and on a bright cold night I realised that in the past few months construction workers and their machines totally ruined my view. Here's a proof:

The week just went by and friday night arrived and a birthday party at one of my dear friends, Damijana. It was a really really pleasant evening (and the night and almost the morning after) full of laugh and full of people I really haven't seen in a while. Well, actually not since her last birthday party. I got home at 7am and later on got a sms from /then still/ unknown phone number saying "Why did you leave me?" - nothing else be told. :))))))) People are funny sometimes.

Damijana with a tiny part of one of her b'day presents...

Going home - part #1

Going home - part #2

And to round up this post - who knows what mood I am in when the next one happens, here' some laugh. Little Britain (again), this time with Robbie Williams in it: ENJOY! :)