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Now that was a total surprise. Stardust opened in Slovenia today and I went to the theatre without even knowing what the whole thing is all about. I just knew the title and Danes, Pfeiffer, De Niro, O'Toole, Everett and some more and I thought: "Ok, let's give it a go." And then........ I giggled like a moron the whole 130 minutes. There are tricks in this film really worth watching again (which I just might) and there are certainly tricks you wouldn't really expect in a typical romantic/adventure/fairytale-comedy. I guess that UK in that whole UK/USA co-production has got something to with it. No complains at all, okay, maybe just about the fact that Danes is really a bit too wooden to play that part. And veterans in the cast just ROCK.

And a totally killer line: "We all knew you were a whoopsie."

Go, see it if you want to relax a bit! :-)