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Holiday Rewind #3

Week #3: enter almost traditional Italian weekend that usually happens sometimes in August or September. This year it was september and weekend of course had one essential part in it: a visit to Gardaland amusement park. Summer just wouldn't be complete without it. And we tend to add some culture or at least "educational contents" to such tiny trips. And this year's Italian weekend was a pretty successful one.

Our home-base was Treviso (Thanks, E&P) and our first day took us to Padua or Padova or Citta dell'affresco. If you're into frescoes, Padua is the place to go. We visited a few places with really important and amazing artworks, the cherry on the cake being Cappella degli Scrovegni, completely "frescoed" by Giotto. Just google all that stuff, it's more than worth it. Padua is also the home city for one of the most imporant pilgrimage churches in Europe: it's the Basilica di S. Antonio, often reffered to as il Santo, massive church that left me with mixed feelings. Culture and art mixed with almost too much religious hysteria. Well, some obviously like it.

Second day took us to Venice, well to island Lido mostly. The "known" part of Lido is where all the expensive hotels are and where the Mostra, the film festival takes place. We tried to escape that part as soon as possible and actually found really lovely beaches, with hardly anyone on them and - which was the most surprising discovery - with water so clean I could actually swim in it, if it weren't a bit too chilly. Lido surprised me and I will go there again, and further on to Pellestrina and Chioggia - my next "targets" in the lagoon.

And then... Gardaland. Too much fun and screaming and too many people to use any more words. The team: Igor, Paolo, Enrico, my brother Robert, my friend Matjaz and me. Loved it.

The last day: a short jump to Venice, just to get more of the Serenissima spirit. Love that city.

And I loved this Italian weekend and I surely enjoyed this year's vacation. I WANT MORE!!!!! :)

Palazzo Moroni, Padua


Gosh, I forgot where that was. :)

Old arena.

Around arena again.


And behind it.

Old city doors on Via Euganea.

Detail. Near Prato della Valle.


A dove.

Basilica di S. Giustina.

In the botanical garden.




Pretty old, isn't it?

Basilica di S. Antonio.

Inside gardens.

The new tram in Padua. It amazed me.

Going to Venice.



Mostra - Film Festival - I saw no stars. :)

Lovely quiet beaches on island Lido.


Summer is almost over.





Yet again.

You can see Sequoia in the background. Scary!

Idiot #1.

Idiot #2.

Venice, one more time.

Robert, Matjaz and Igor.


Resting... and going home eventually.