Weekends of May.

Radenci - Coming or Going?Radenci - growing upRadenci - LushRadenci - ... your soul to keep.Radenci - All is aliveRadenci - Lush at close
Radenci - DivineRadenci - Little MoonRadenci - Take meBarje - BertiBarje - Iggy and BertiBarje - Iggy downstairs
Barje - MeBarje - I have landed!!!Barje - Home in the distanceBarje - Just beautifulBarje - Up highBarje - Peaceful
Barje - Kingdom of GreenBarje - IggyBarje - Later onB'day - GoodiesB'day - ContemplatingB'day - Goodies

Weekends of May, a set on Flickr.

Yes, weekends of May. One spent on a nice bike ride in Barje region (moorlands just outside Ljubljana), the other one in Radenci in North-East of Slovenia at Iggy's parents and the third.... oh well. I am not 42 anymore, I will say just that! :)


From Monstria to Goodapest.

BudapestUneventful Autobahn to ViennaViennaVienna - Swarovski shopVienna - Swarowski shopVienna - Swarovski shop

Vienna - Swarovski shopVienna - Swarovski shopViennaViennaViennaVienna



Vienna/Budapest, a set on Flickr.

A (not so tiny) set from our five days in Vienna and Budapest. To be honest, I was toying with the idea of naming this set Monstria and Goodapest. Oh, and I did it. We deciced to spend a long weekend, five days, in two of the cities that represent the heart of Central Europe; Vienna and Budapest.

It's been more than ten years since my last visit to Vienna. I really wanted to see it again and I have to say the city left me completely untouched, so to speak. Really flat impression, empty people (not to say I was shocked by their complete lack of style - yes, we called them ugly), but the city still leaves impression of good (old) days. Pity it hasn't carried some of that esprit in present times. It

Budapest on the other hand..... My oh my. A city of such striking beauty, warmth, good energy, wonderful atmosphere it's really hard to comprehend. It's really funny those two cities were once part of the same state, because it seems that Vienna took the rational approach whilst Budapest wanted emotions and beauty. And it still has all that. Plenty of it. Plenty, plenty. We were there half a year ago. In November it seemed like a pretty postcard, lacking some of the boom. But, people, apparently Hungarians need warmer weather to display all they've got to offer.

If you can, go there. Just go.

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Big and Small.

Big and Small, originally uploaded by Tomaz Celestina.

Well, it was time for something new. So, one of the iphones had to go and I (partly) turned to Android. It's Sony Xperia Z. It's - hardware-wise - a stellar phone, but I still prefer the small one. A combination of performance of the big one packed in the small one's body wold have been just great. :) Oh well, freaks.


La settimana bianca è finita.

Yes, skiing week has ended, but that's not the only thing that went down the drain. A bit after a year our (rightist, full of bigots) government fell. If our politics finally manages to find some sense, we're not going to new early elections, but we might get a new (left-centre), maybe more normal governmental coalition. Well, it makes for some rather busy days for me. That, combined with brain functioning at some 75% (or less) power left my LiveJournal empty again. Oh, well...

So, back to this year's skiing. We didn't go to France as for the past few years. You can blame late decisions, lack of time, lack of money or some other mishaps. Ricky saved our arses this season. Iggy, Bert, Ricky and me escaped to his parents' house in Alpi Marittime, in Piemonte region of Italy. We were skiing in a smaller resort that spans in-between Prato Nevoso, Artesina and Frabosa Soprana. Fantastic snow and moody weather. Clouds, sun, fog, sun, snow, sun, clouds. We didn't stay the whole week; on the sixth day we decided to go to Genova (about a 90 minutes drive) and spend some days there. Snow followed us there as well and also Slovenia got a thick white layer so we stayed a day longer and then returned to Ljubljana... to a cold, dark, drizzly weather. Ok, Spring, now it's your turn.

I am giving you a few pictures here, the rest is flickr'd.

And now I have to see how many of 25 million posts I can browse through...

Boys looking down in the valley #2.
Boys above the valley.

Snowdrop up close.
Amazing nature. Snowflake zoomed in.

And then it got nicer again.
Good days.

Iggy, Berti, Ricky.
Yes, yes, yes!!!

That's not the sea, it's a sharp line of smog.
Sharp line of smog.

Yes, time to go, we decided.
Time to go.

Ricky in front of us in snow and fog...
Ricky in front of us; time T.

And Rick in front of us 90 minutes later.
Ricky in front of us; time T+90 minutes.

And nice winter drive almost all the way back to Ljubljana...
Almost all the way back to Ljubljana, where shitty weather insisted.
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