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Holiday Rewind #2

And then the real vacation, I mean time away from home started. The plan for the first two weeks was pretty simple: sun, sea and resting. And we opted for Croatia, because I am pretty certain this country has one of the most beautiful coastlines on the world.

Week #1: Rovinj (or Rovigno for those who prefer the Italian version) with Paolo and Enrico. Weather was acceptable, the beach was amazing, time spent there was perfect, an altogether week worth remembering and certainly repeating. We only had one day of more or less rainy weather and we escaped on a short trip in Istra peninsula. The main "item" of the trip was the city of Pula, very famous for its Roman amphitheatre, place of many concerts and also a very well visited film festival. So, the first week was an excellent start and when Enrico and Paolo went back home, we moved further south...

Week #2: Our starting point was the city if Split, deep down south in Dalmatia. We took a ferry to island Vis (takes two and a half hours to get there) and we needen only some 30 minute drive to come to the other side of the island, to little village/city of Komiza. The plan should be pretty similar as last year's vacation: spend the night in Komiza and then take tiny boat (called Pruga, meaning The Line - as in bus line) to island Bisevo and spend a week there; Igor, myself and our friend Zaz. But something went wrong with the house we wanted to rent, so we decided to stay in Komiza and just make daily trips to Bisevo and shorter trips around Vis and just enjoy beach life. And it proved to be a brilliant decision. Week #2 was great and after it finished and after we drove back home in rain, we were more than ready for the third week of our vacation. Destination: Italy. (Again. :))

Roman amphitheatre in Pula.


Enjoying various... beverages.

Passing by.....

Coming out of the water.





Enrico and Paolo.

Night life on streets of Rovinj.



Night-life again.

And some more streets.

Gatto feroce. :)

Riva in Split.

More Split.

Going to island Vis.


Layers in island Bisevo.

Village Porat on island Bisevo - not destined to be our escape for a week.

Komiza on island Vis - we "lived" in one of those yellow houses near the tower.

Just a picture.

Just a lady.

Just a church.

Art. :) (Yes, Paolo?)

Another cat.

Komiza on a nice evening.

The view from our room.

And the beach we used to go to.

More of it.

Old, abandoned military stuff on island Vis.

More of the remnants.


And a dead canon.

And a pig on it. :)

Great vacation it was.

Not really promising sky on the way home.

And then the clouds started to cry.


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Dec. 1st, 2009 05:34 pm (UTC)
I just adore looking through these old holiday snaps. The Dolomite series was a great joy. And now Split, a town I have always wondered about (the name sounds funny in English). Love those cat shots.

I am going to forebear commenting, as a rule, because you are so conscientious about commenting to the comments, and I don't want to give you extra work!

Enrico and Paolo seem like really lovely people, too.
Dec. 3rd, 2009 04:01 pm (UTC)
Extra work is always nice, Shimmer. :) And I love, love, love Croatian coast.
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